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Great talking with you today Boss! I hope to see you next time you are in the Kansas City/Topeka, KS area!

Keep fighting the good fight for the people!

Rick Brown 

Thanks to you all for an awesome show at Hixon Park in Tampa on Sat. 3/24/12!!


I had the unfortunate opportunity to attend John Masciantoni's funeral. I thought you would like to know that you were mentioned more than once. Several years ago he took our office to one of your shows at the "Junkyard"...I woke up with a tatoo and a missing truck! If he was one of your now have many more!

Sam Farris 

Dear Bill.
Thank you and all the crew. Especially your bandmates. I saw you last nigt @ the Brevard Mardi Gras. I'm sure you won't remember me, but I was standind and dancing at the center moniter. I was the guy in my army jacket with the guitar pick with diamond Peace sign in my ear and pony tail. Two of my beautiful friends were on my right enjoying every minute dancing their you know what,s off. They and their boyfriends, my bandmates, thanked me all night long for the treat. Ruthie may remember me yelling to her HAPPY ANNIVERSARY during one of your guitar changes. She waved back. We talked about your guitars.
I just want to say thank you. You remind me of me onstage. "I Can't Sit Down". I bought 2 cd's but didn't have the cash to get some sauce. By the way, you are a Great cook!!!
I have been to many live shows, Roy Buchannon being the first, and I must say that not counting your showmanship, your playing is Inspiring to say the least. One of my new top 5's. Your song to Ruthie is so beautiful I started getting teared up.
I talked to the gentleman at the end of your show asking if I could get you to sign an autograph on one of the CD'S I bought. Yoy had already left. I am looking forward to your next release which he told me about, " I Got Tone". I have to be honest, that is the best new song I've heard in over 15 yrs. Thank you man. When it comes out I will buy it but I can't seem to connect to your page. It keeps asking for an address that has whoever @ format. I'm not too educated with computers. I was wondering if you would ming autographing a copy for me. I know some people charge cash for an autograph so if you will, I'll pay. I love your playing and have alot of questions about your gear that I have never seen before. Like the Pedalboard Bass. You told me the yrs. of two of your guitars and I have never seen a tele with P-90's in it. is that what it has in it? I love P-90's When you pulled out the Goldtop I looked at Ryan,a bandmate, and it was like I was in awe of the beauty and sound of it. He had his eyes closed most of your show just listening. He hears it I watch and we play it. That's the one you played for Ruthie. The band and the girls loved your show and i got hugs from the girls and kudos from the guys for turning them on to real music. They ars 30 yrs. younger than I, so I try to introduce things that I know they will like. They were Impressed to say the least.
Hey, they teach me and I teach them. Isn't that what music is all about? We all know how to let it flow.
My brothers and I are Glassblowers. If y'all like art in glass we can make anything, you can show pics of, draw, desing by talking to us, basically anything. Our work is worldwide. My oldest Brother has 50 yrs. behind the torch, and my next oldest has 35 yrs. in. I retired as an Electrician. My work is more abstract than theirs. They made their livings behind the torch,b ut my Grandfather said to me in a time when I needed it, "Boy, learn a trade and you'll never be without work". After the accident I had no choice. I always played and sat behind my torch tho when I had the time. Basically I just wanted to thank you for your energy and Inspiration. Peace and Harmony

Laura and Dennis Cone 

Great Show Boss! You were rockin at the Ag Farm Love the Gumbo, dancing and great food with a wonderful crowd!


I saw you for the 6th time today..! You all are amazing. Please come back to DeLand again.
I love your music, message and humanitarianism..(did I spell that right??)
Keep going bro..not many left like you:))!


Saw your show at the Flagler Agriculture Museum. It was great. Thank you for your support of the homeless.


Hey, I would love to see your show again. If you have any free tickets I wouldnt decline them either. If you do here's my email - Thanks

buddy coates 

Hi Bill, i' m buddy from house of blues orlando. I've had a lot of health problems last year ,but I still love your gumbo. Love to send people to see you. I hope to see you again myself soon!!!!

LyndiLu Hoobinoo 

Hey Boss heard you had an episode last nite during your gig at Margaritaville...
word spread like wild fire followed by prayers and well wishes..
Please keep us posted as to how you are..many care about you!
Sending love and light... Lyndi

Capt Rob 

So grateful to get to see the show again Bill. You rock. I have some awesome pictures to get to you.


saw you last night at aces what a show

Pastor Joseph Romero 

Wow! I am so happy to find out about someone being creative and using there talent to make a difference. Please let's hook up soon. I am a missionary to the homeless and just happy to be in Orlando. I will be looking into what you do more, but I just saw the end of the TV special mygeneration because good ole mom was watching and knows I am full time out there in Orlando. my site will bless your socks off too. Hope to do an event together I have some wonderful homeless with talent as well. Love your heart and spirit. Praise God!!!! Keep up the great work.

tony novak 

Thank you, Love what you do. Hits close to HOME.


What an amazing man! Music is SO powerful...You are a healer of broken spirits! I saw you on pbs playing for the homeless and I want to thank you for truly caring!

Jeff Boyer 

I'll be in Key West in Jan. to catch one of your shows. Can't wait to see you.


First saw you at Buffet`s Place Margarettaville and then Shooters In Ft Myers its been awhile ,However I will catchup with you and we will do a little libation while the Goumbo is gJirating, Yur Friend forever,Skip Piro & Carole Gales, Best RE gards for the coming year!

Lola Gonz├ílez  

You are really great!

Jerry Gutz 

You are fantastic

Michael Corcoran 

Thank you again Bill for the amazing Gumbo and awesome blues music please comeback often to CT and the Hartford
area and be sure 2 save me a seat man
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